ICU Investigations-Atlanta has access to many different databases which aren't available to the general public. We quickly trace tags, vehicle
histories and utilities saving the client time and money. Our company is experienced at conducting interviews with family, neighbors ,friends and
business associates. We often find that we can supplement investigations by the Investigating Authorities who are overwhelmed by the multiple issues
they face daily.

ICU Investigations-Atlanta serves Summonses and Subpoenas in multiple jurisdictions of Georgia and other States.

One of the saddest events of an anyone's life is to watch a loved one being arrested and taken off to jail. Regardless of media scrutiny and public
opinion, ICU Investigations-Atlanta is committed to seeing that our clients receive fair treatment We review countless documents and provide taped
interviews for our clients and their Attorneys.

Most Civil Investigations can be very complex and confusing to the general public. The burden of proof rests solely on the shoulders of the plaintiff and
their Attorney. We make your case a priority whether it involves a business matter or a personal one. Such examples can involve a Premises Liability
Issue with an injury at work or even at your apartment, an Automobile Accident, or a Domestic issue such as a Divorce or Child Custody.

GPS Tracking
Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you? Do they receive phone calls, texts or emails late at night or early in the morning?
ICU Investigations-Atlanta rents GPS trackers that allows for vehicle tracking in Georgia. The GPS gathers its' own report and is provided by our investigators along with video surveillance at our reasonable daily rates. {The only current constraint to GPS tracking in Georgia is that the device must be installed when the vehicle is in a public place)

** Specialized Services such as Cell-Phone, Computer Forensics and Counter Surveillance by Appointment only.

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